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According to the headlines of the last few weeks, which report layoffs in high-tech news, it seems for a moment that the high-tech oath is exploding and that even the most profitable high-tech professionals are currently in real danger of being laid off.

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So first of all – let’s start with a reassuring siren: high-tech is still one of the most successful industries in Israel and most of you are not about to lose your job.

So what wave is everyone talking about?

What is happening now anyway? What we are currently experiencing in Israel is a general slowdown in the economy, which according to various forecasts may reach a recession. In fact, this is a global phenomenon and not something that is unique only to Israel, and this can be clearly seen in the behavior of the stock market, which immediately reacts by dropping prices.

The situation, in itself, is of course not desirable, and we all prefer to be at the peak of growth and present data like we achieved in the high-tech industry last year, but it is important to note that right now, in the high-tech industry itself – the reaction to everything that is happening is still quite moderate. You can definitely see a certain slowdown in exports and recruitments, there are fewer new jobs that are published on high-tech job boards and we are also experiencing a decrease in the number of jobs in start-ups, but at the same time software engineer is still one of the most desirable professions in Israel. That is, although we are experiencing a wave of layoffs in high-tech, at the same time there is also growth and demand.

Most of the data we see still do not indicate a clear trend, and some even indicate that the high-tech industry is still strong and stable. One of the best ways to examine the stability of the industry is of course salary tables in high-tech, and indeed we see that despite the recession the salary levels remain high and even increase.

Who should be worried anyway?

Along with the need to calm the spirits, it is also important to look reality in the eyes. Because of the great success of Israeli high-tech over the past few years, not every crisis causes the entire industry to be shaken. But as in any field – even in high-tech there are stable and established companies that can withstand the biggest shocks, and there are those that do not survive much less strong blows.

The companies that have a greater chance of entering the statistics of high-tech layoffs are mainly small startups that have not yet had time to establish themselves properly, and that even if they raised funding it was too little and too long ago to allow them to keep their heads above water. If you work or have worked in such a company, or if you begin to feel the concerns around you in the air – it is important that you know that layoffs in high-tech can also turn from a crisis into an opportunity.

When the wave comes, even if it’s a high-tech layoff wave, we’re in favor of grabbing a surfboard, riding the wave and reaching a new place with it. In other words, take the news about layoffs in high-tech, which none of us want to receive, and leverage it to further your career. Because even though you were fired, and this may make you feel that the whole industry is collapsing, we are here to remind you that you should not be pitied, and vice versa!

After the initial shock, we will be happy to show you that the demand in the industry is still high-tech demand, that 85% of the companies are still recruiting as usual, and that good developers can receive four relevant offers within two weeks that will improve your previous conditions.

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Precisely for this, and to help everyone who has recently been laid off in high-tech, we have developed a unique program called Got NEXT, whose purpose is to give you practical tools for the rest of the way, to provide you with emotional support and to re-stabilize your self-confidence, which is sometimes shaken a little following layoffs.

By virtue of being the leading high-tech placement company in Israel, we have accumulated over the years a lot of knowledge and tools that we want to share with you at this sensitive point in your life, and provide you with:

Assistance in updating your resume and refreshing your LinkedIn profile – we will refine the messages you want to convey and highlight your skills and abilities in a correct and accurate way that will advance you towards your next job.
A telephone or zoom meeting with one of Gotfriends’ experienced career counselors – we will figure out together with you what the next step is and how to proceed.
Mapping jobs in the market and offering precise opportunities for your needs – technologies, the requested salary level, etc.
An overview of the high-tech market.
Preparation for job interviews.
A toolbox for self-improvement.
Accompanying in the negotiation of the terms of the contract.