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We all know that there is a wave of layoffs in high-tech, right? We can also agree that no one – except those who plan to submit a resignation letter soon – would not want to experience this themselves? can. and now what? Continue as usual or give room for concerns?

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With all our love and appreciation for the wonderful repression mechanism of the human mind, it is not always worth saying “it won’t happen to me” and hoping for the best. Sometimes it is better to be alert to the signs around you so that if it does happen to you too, you will know how to recognize it in time and react accordingly.

Chances are, you’ll have some kind of nagging gut feeling that portends bad news for you, but if you’re worried about confusing a healthy intuition with growing anxieties, these are the objective signs that may indicate that your workplace is in danger:

Hiring stops – the first sign of a problem in the workplace is that hiring stops. A company that does not hire new employees is a company that is not growing and the combination of lack of growth and the current slowdown and recession may very quickly escalate into downsizing.
Downsizing – did you move to a smaller office? Did you get a cut in the budget or the new standards? This may very well be just the beginning.
Organizational changes – sometimes even “good” changes, such as a company purchase, a merger, the entry of a new CEO or any type of restructuring and streamlining, may lead to layoffs. This is not what will necessarily happen, but if your company is going through something similar, We recommend keeping an eye out.
Urgent board meeting – board meetings are not something you should worry about, unless they are suddenly held urgently or frequently. We assure you that none of the board members would turn their day from now to now if it wasn’t really important, and as much as we’d like to believe that they meet to celebrate success or raise a toast, somehow that’s never the story.
Eye contact and general mood – if you feel a change in the mood of the HR director or your direct manager, and especially if you feel that lately they have been a little avoiding making eye contact with you, it is very possible that they know something that you do not yet know. Firing people is never easy, and that can certainly explain their mood and difficulty, whether it’s in front of you or in general.
You feel that you are being recorded – if you are suddenly required to provide a written report on the decisions you make, if you are given comments, criticism or feedback by email instead of or in addition to a periodic evaluation call, or are asked to convey special requests in writing, you are not just eating a movie. You are being recorded. Unfortunately, this is probably not for the purpose of the docu-film that will be produced about your life, but for the sake of presenting well-founded claims at the dismissal hearing that is planned for you.
You feel out of the loop – your manager no longer really consults with you, you see a significant reduction in the tasks for which you are responsible and start to absorb all kinds of details that somehow everyone knows except you. This is not a boycott, this is simply the beginning of the end.
so what are we doing?!

First of all – breathe. Every end is a new beginning and it’s not just a cliché, it’s reality. especially in the high-tech industry. We don’t wish any of you to be fired, but as those who see well what is happening in the market, we can assure you that high-tech job boards are full of new jobs and that for every software engineer, cyber person or any other talent that is fired in the industry – there are quite a few people jumping. If you are good at your job, you can be in two weeks in the middle of a new recruitment process for a place that will even upgrade the conditions you had. Or to quote another cliché: any delay (or layoffs) – for the better.

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So why is it important to recognize the signs? To be ready for whatever comes next. As a first step, it is recommended to carefully check your contract to understand what you deserve in the event of a layoff, and to verify the amount of compensation you deserve – if you sign section 14, keep in mind that it will be lower than what is defined by law. After you are clear about the rights you deserve, it’s time to start looking ahead – finally upgrade your LinkedIn profile, don’t be ashamed to search for high-tech resumes on Google and update yours according to all the tips you find, then contact a high-tech placement company to shorten and streamline processes.